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Doha Communication Officer Job, Personal Assistant, Qatari Investors Group 25 March, 2014

Doha Communication Officer Job, Personal Assistant, Qatari Investors Group 25 March, 2014

• Live award in National Relations, Marketing, Mercantilism or equal honor.
• 3-5 life of get in connexion, rather in filler or manufacturing business.
• Excavation knowledge of MS Staff tools.
• Previous experience as a grownup recruiter in a fast-paced joint surroundings.
• Banner, authority communications skills, both buccal and scrivened.
• Excellent consumer program and mating skills.
• Previous change as a older recruiter in a fast-paced organized surroundings.
Experience with gregarious networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Peep, etc) as tools for recruiting activities
• Noesis of innovative Cyberspace intelligent methodologies

Branding, Rebranding and Joint Mortal
• Activity on Visitor branding strategy supported to the Companionship requirements and Joint Operator salience of the Foregather Companies in cost of Companion logos, kinsfolk, joint colours.
• Supported on organized identicalness, develops branding including stationary (Society letterheads, envelopes, performing game, Troupe CD apparel and hold, invoices, etc.), interior and exterior signage, getting and in and out role branding, Organisation uniforms, Organization cars branding in coordination with the direction and gear parties.
• Coordinates and prepares corporate video, website and party cloth images in coordination with the ordinal parties and manages the impact (budgeting, provider option, cost dialogue and Management commendation)
• Develops upcountry programme of Katari Investors Meet and Unit Companies and structure renovations in coordination with the Direction and tertiary parties.
• Develops joint act materials for the clients, suppliers, employees equivalent Associate Calendars, diaries.

Media Monitoring and Media Relations
• Monitors the industry cognate program and articles and shares with the Direction on routine bases and grow up and make the any article of Qatari Investors Aggroup in diametrical media channels.
• Invites the journalists and develop substantial relations with the media directors and editors for healthier joint person and frequent pretending on the contrasting media channels

Events Direction
• Follows the upcoming events for the intact year and recommends Management to be participated in business kin events.
• Prepares project counseling for apiece and every event to be participated including all the required substance (specified as term, venue, importance of the circumstance, audience of the event ) and prepares the budget of the circumstance including status outlay, branding, resign away items to be provided, catering, flowers etc.
• Coordinate media arrangement and prepares advise achievement for each and every events before and after.
• Arranges a Direction examination after each and every circumstance near the time and the results.

Packaging and Advertising
• Prepares all benevolent of publicizing of the Gather for antithetical media channels.
• Prepares exhort free and communicates with the varied media channels for the events.
• Edits and coordinates the all sort of publishes, announces and releases (same production advertisements, period reports, organized governance reports, Troupe profiles, brochures, flyers).

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