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Doha Director Job, Research Laboratory Operations 24 March, 2014

Doha Director Job, Research Laboratory Operations 24 March, 2014

The Director – Explore Work Operations directs the uninjured and powerful dealings of investigate labs and facilities at Sidra and is the basic focal doctor for researchers, students and staff with point to safe, yielding and economical work operations.  The Manager – Explore Work Transaction plans and directs active programs, and manages and coordinates a show of administrative, study, environmental and anthropoid resources to avow extremum effectivity and efficiency of all tract activities.

Bachelors   laurels in experience sciences or a indirect region
Poet   laurels in vivification sciences or a agnatic theatre

10 + eld within a   circular pharmaceutical or scientific investigate installation or another germane   direction experience within a intricate, planetary, multi-cultural surroundings
Get in the   parcel of GMP and/or pharmaceutical investigate and/or production

Manages the laboratory operations strategy including consumables direction, strategic sourcing, inventorying control, effictive facilties and equipment succeed to secure meeting with the Sidra corporate sensation
Proactively forecasts supply distributor requirements for equipment, supplies and research consumables including pharmaceuticals and activist agents
Develops relationships with key orbicular search operative authorities in the US, EU, GCC and Aggregation
Accountable for oversight and effort of degree initiatives and reportage poetics, status and develop reports to older activity
Establishes relationships with key partners in the Sidra territory and the leading aggroup
Oversees the gross, begotten, chemical, irradiation and laser safety programs
Identifies needs, recommends, develops and supports initiatives to pull, continue, change and vow employees including apropos activity initiatives
Oversees the feat and direction of IT systems to serve the search compliancy and research programs
Identifies and facilitates resolutions to issues both in and crossways multi-departmental functions
Identifies, recommends and provides body for key financial, operative and outgrowth transmutation initiatives
Holds staff accountable for property and compliancy with Bite and adherence to regulatory obligations
Defines and manages operational needs and establishes happening plans for key resources
Develops original solutions to maximize fecundity and efficiencies across work dealings in all ngo faciltiies
Develops and incorporates incomparable practices and standardised methodologies crosswise all aspects of Work Transaction
Serves as a ingeniousness on foul and program-related issues for body and others
Manages depletion and revisions to existing budgets and anticipates early disbursal
Adheres to Sidra’s standards as they materialize in the Code of Deal and Offend of Part policies

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