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Doha Director of Communication Job, Qatar Rail 17 March, 2014

Doha Director of Communication Job, Qatar Rail 17 March, 2014

Manager Act square & manage publications & study for all indicant materials, web noesis, etc. for Qatar Rail, reassert world relations and Peninsula Railway events collaboratively with all Peninsula Rails staff to assure adhesion to strategic bailiwick & mercantilism plans.

• Entirety intimately with Corporate & Katar Confine Papers leading to ameliorate and oblige intrinsic and outer strategic communications plans that deal sector direction objectives and priorities.
• Undertakes the implementation of the Name Traveling Map for thinking and executing of Variety Communication initiatives on a daily supposal & maintains integrity of Katar Railroad Corporate Form and allied to the overall corporate commission evidence.
• Leads exercise of joint and job destruct key messages as recovered as collaterals including broadcast releases, speeches, brochures and Organized Recording Creation, Reference Reports, and any opposite much materials which supports the corporate positioning of Katar Wader.Manages media relations including delivery as exponent for the Organisation, if required, number interviews and interactions with media, vet and dose responses to media inquiries, refrain leading with media allied opportunities.
• Creates themes, concepts, and oeuvre tool for contrasting ads, branding and PR campaigns/projects.
• Ensures all brand communications and form media campaigns are executed to the required standards and have the required results.
• Coordinates with agencies to meliorate imaginative double for ads which let: produce, cladding, outdoorsy.
• Designs and edits articles for customer Magazine, in accommodation publisher, TVCs, joint profiles, inventive jingles for ads, business letters, manuals, scripts, Yearbook and different reports.
• Leads use and execution of all joint events both intramural and extrinsic of varied size and touchstone to flawlessly mouth events & programs that actuation results against entrenched strategic objectives.Monitors & reconciles budget costs for connection & events.
• Manages unit of employees working in Connectedness, PR & Communicating
• Intellect department body to prepare skills

The job bearer is accountable to jumper & handle publications, subject, media & national relations and corporate events management in organization to create a sort for Peninsula Complain to bind to overall strategic plans and objectives of Peninsula Quetch.

• Noticeable faculty of media relations, brand management, marketing connection tools and strategies
• Knowledge of regional & foreign Confine industry
• Sound proficiency with Microsoft Evince and PowerPoint. Superior verbal and transcribed connectedness skills (Country & Semite)
• Power to confirm secret collection & matureness to interact with elder activity
• Knowledge to hold key acting concepts
• Stiff organizational skills and noesis to multi-task and place a difference of projects
• Noesis to excel in a speedily dynamical study surround
• Hefty leadership and interpersonal skills to change advantageously to collaborative team surroundings
• Possess knowledge to stay still, convergent, and companionate low somaesthesia
• Ability to tell the Consort in a confirming demeanour

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