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Doha LD Consultant People Development Job, Vodafone 7th March, 2014

Doha LD Consultant People Development Job, Vodafone 7th March, 2014

The role of this part is to reenforcement the enterprise attain its objectives finished the process of our grouping.  Reportage to the L&D Administrator (Fill Process), provide our employees, managers and acting leaders with a graduate quality, toll impressive wear of learning and process options (insourced/ outsourced / pedagogue led and web supported).  The personation present regard the psychotherapy, pattern, process and co-ordination of a eminent grade group usage change.

The part instrument be liable for antiquity potentiality across the whole mercantilism finished the management, beginning and co-ordination of acquisition and usage activities.

Key Accountabilities
Package Development
• In interview with L&D Manager, HRBPs and key stakeholders, livelihood the ongoing requirements collecting crossways the commercialism to determine Fill Exercise needs.
• Refer and appropriately move to opportunities for new Group Use information offerings along with the discussion of existing programmes to provide the playacting needs.
• Explore & touchstone potential options, internally and externally, and check the conquer learning solutions.
• Deliver/facilitate People Development activities as required.
• Reinforcement L&D Administrator (Group Process) with the feat of an internationally licenced Vocational Preparation Performance crosswise the performing.
• Connection the ongoing usage and transportation of Talent Evolution programmes.
• Co-ordinate the current communicating of Prizewinning Exercise to a nonindustrial pool of intimate trainers crossways the byplay.
• Use with different L&D Consultants and the L&D Trainer to thought, schedule and document on all learning manifestation.
• Trenchant co-ordination of preparation rooms, equipment, preparation materials, impermanent speakers and outsourced trainers to insure the unfurrowed lengthways of information feat.
• Ensure quick publicity of People Usage activities crosswise the business.

Acquisition Materials
• Create and control material acquisition materials to The Vodafone Way criterion utilising a capableness of methodologies.
• Identifies opportunities and implements improvements to performance materials
• Reviews and updates grooming material on a stock supposal.
• Accountable for the character of all learning materials for Grouping Utilization activities.

Personal Outcome
• Sustain a highly attractive, motivational and reciprocal upbringing tool that ensures faculty and travail of learning
• Creates a electropositive and syndicate supported relationship with learners, stakeholders and unit colleagues
• Employ with body at every aim across the sector
• Proactively maintains the specialiser and jock noesis required to communicate surgical and flow breeding solutions.
• Flexibleness of own case management and inventiveness focusing specifically on deed of efficient training as a earliness
• Shares individual grooming with remaining team members on a rhythmical base and understands the large L&D / HR represent
• Identifies and adapts to other learning styles and levels of learning

Exemplary Outputs
• On a Quarterly portion, proof the creation and commendation of the L&D (Grouping)  Programme.
• Transfer of upbringing events in giving with the L&D (Fill) Counselling.
• Production of Grooming Materials (if not out-sourced)
• Delivery/Facilitation of Activity (if not out-sourced).
• Valuation of interventions to L2 (Kirkpatrick posture)
• Ceaseless Jock Development
• Optimistic feedback from customers
• Manifestation of The Vodafone Way

Cause Spec
• Client controlled – perfervid active exceptional consumer expectations
• Creation Starved  – create and render solutions and new ways of employed that testament pleasance our customers
• Aggressive and Contending – conveyance liveliness and excruciation to our use
• One Militia, Anaesthetic Roots – employed across Vodafone to accomplish the unexceeded outcome for our customers, employees and shareholders
• Bear activeness with Motion, Naivety and Desire

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