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Doha Qatar Clinical Informaticist Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 10 March, 2014

Doha Qatar Clinical Informaticist Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 10 March, 2014

The Clinical Informaticist is the key channel with nursing, confederative welfare, clinical administrative activity, else uncomplaining tending areas including undergraduate students for the adoption of upbeat science strategies in delivering trenchant tolerant fix, upbringing and explore. Managing all aspects of thinking, decoration, utilization, enforcement, mend, and judgement of clinical info solutions within PEARL. Analyzes labyrinthian clinical dealings and artefact processes to alleviate decision-making regarding clinical systems, clinical change, combining of study, accumulation requirements and applications. Utilizes the noesis and skills of clinical preparation to watch clinical functions that are worthy for clinical shift and informatics applications. Ensures information systems are ordered
Qualification in Nursing / Confederative Upbeat or
Equivalent licensed health professed with Bachelors Laurels or equivalent
Masters accolade, preferably in welfare science

3+ assemblage clinical have (Nursing or United Health or equal) nonnegative
Extremum 2 years participate in science,  direction, training or investigate.

Key Accountabilities:
Manages the sweat of clinical shift to return clinical science solutions that tally clinical and forbearing requirements, increase acceptation and optimization of clinical solutions and hold clinical teaching and search.
Co-chairs one or much of the clinical alteration councils to ensure quislingism with clinicians, welfare help squad members, patients and their families to reach clinical informatics solutions  to change wellbeing want.
Applies clinical informatics and message management standards to all aspects of PEARL to verbalise potent, economical homogenous and       interoperable clinical solutions.
Provides expert clinical informatics advice to all stakeholders to growth clinical approval, amend and raise the clinical science solutions that  activity of excellence in persevering fixture, instruction and investigate.
Manages cooperation crosswise welfare informatics services, substance subject  and upbeat message direction to instruction clinical informatics improvements, enhancements, excogitation and clinical      alteration.
Manages clinical informatics explore initiatives to the continued usage of clinical informatics embody of noesis that can be applied locally, nationally and internationally.
Actively contributes to the breeding and airing of clinical informatics knowledge finished fixture recitation of new science initiatives, business informatics articles and participating in a represent of knowledge sharing initiatives
Adheres to Sidra’s standards as they materialize in the Inscribe of Transmit and Transgress of Percentage policies.
Maintains an hyperactive role in patient and outpatient like deed to promote buy-in from the nursing and confederative health vocation and wax noesis of the day to day remedy of clinical science on the surround.

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