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Doha Qatar Diagnostic Imaging Informaticist Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 10th March, 2014

Doha Qatar Diagnostic Imaging Informaticist Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 10th March, 2014

The Characteristic Tomography Informaticist applies elaborated symptomatic imagery informatics, solutions noesis and characteristic imagery practices  to argue best tolerant upkeep; Contributes to all aspects of provision, program, development, effectuation, mend, and rating of symptomatic imaging science solutions including PEARL; Analyzes complicated characteristic imagery  transaction and processes to provide recommendations for the effective covering of diagnostic picturing informatics solutions; Utilizes careful noesis of diagnostic picturing science solutions for clinical alteration; Provides elaborated statement program incorporating symptomatic tomography entropy systems, vendor nonsubjective archive, strain acknowledgment and clinical judgement collection systems are ordered with professional standards of pattern and unhazardous clinical pattern.

Athlete Laurels Diagnositic Picturing or equivalent.

Masters Honor in Symptomatic   Imagery
About membership of Diagnositic Picturing, engineering or message subject or equal athlete organisation

3+ gathering characteristic picturing clinical  participate
Extremum 2 geezerhood experience in Diagnositic Imagery Informatics

5+  eld experience in Symptomatic Imagery in an pedantic medical middle and participating in feat  Symptomatic   Imaging science solutions ( Cerner Desirable).
Quality 2 gathering participate in informatics, direction   teaching or explore

Key Responsibilities:
Manages the usage of clinical translation to present characteristic tomography Informatics solutions that fulfil tolerant maintenance requirements, increment approving and optimization of characteristic tomography solutions, combine melody acceptance and option operation, and apply vendor nonsubjective deposit for training and research.
Leads the diagnostic picturing contributions to the Inflict Management Council and other clinical change councils to  secure effective characteristic imaging informatics delegacy and to deport clinical science solutions to improve wellbeing desire.
Applies clinical informatics and symptomatic tomography collection management standards to all aspects of PEARL to give competent, expeditious, orderly and interoperable solutions.
Provides diagnositic tomography science advice and  living to characteristic tomography body in part and  all additional stakeholders to increment espousal, change and enhance characteristic tomography      science solutions for countertenor attribute uninjured enduring desire, teaching and search.
Manages quislingism across welfare informatics services, entropy study, welfare information direction and diagnostic imaging services to accost clinical informatics improvements, enhancements, creation and clinical      transformation.
Manages diagnositic picturing informatics investigate initiatives for the continued process of upbeat informatics body of knowledge that can be applied locally, nationally and internationally.
Actively contributes to the generation and transmission of diagnostic tomography  science knowledge through patron analyse of afoot informatics initiatives, publishing science articles and participating in a range of knowledge sharing initiatives.
Adheres to Sidra’s standards as they seem in the Write of Direct and Breach of Pertain policies

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