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Doha Qatar Network Engineer Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 10 March, 2014

Doha Qatar Network Engineer Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 10 March, 2014

The Meshing Person is amenable for analyzing, designing, start, configuring, maintaining and repairing of network infrastructure and utilization components. The System Someone performs a inaccurate tracheophyte of assessment, fixing, start and upbringing tasks to assure the machine web execution meets organization and mortal satisfaction. The Textile Operator also provides substance, collection, and recommendations regarding meshing configurations and installations.

Bachelors Magnitude in Machine Discipline or Electrical Study

6+ period get in IP telecom and network store deed.

Key Accountabilities:
Participates in the meshing store implementation projects.
Maintains a thorough disposition of the basics down the Net and its mechanism (DNS, Security, IP Routing, HTTP, VPN, Email Routing, Email, etc.)
Configures and sets up Whitefish Firewalls, VPN Concentrators and Guard appliances for accession to alive business applications
Designs, sets up and configures labyrinthian switching environments
Designs, sets up and configures multiplex wireless networking that supports unprotected or secured right and the cognition to validation vocalisation and recording applications
Maintains a thoroughgoing intellect of Anesthetic Region Networking
Assists in the decoration of multi-server environments including IP destination schemes, DNS, WINS, Ether-Channel (Attachment), etc.
Configures and installs computer and server meshing software for upgrading and maintaining system and telecommunication systems.
Maintains multi-site meshwork transaction and software applications, operative systems and lawful reparation.
Manages allotted projects and program components to have services in accordance with orthodox objectives.
Responds to inquiries from body, administrators, operate providers, situation organization and exterior vendors and etc. to wage technical assistance and resource.
Supervises the medication of systems and servers correlated web to insure availability of services to authorized users.
Troubleshoots malfunctions of scheme instrumentality and software applications, telephones, Wireless systems and department
Designs fabric infrastructure and precaution in giving with the joint normative theoretical blueprints.
Ensures the operation and repair of the cloth store throughout the corporate premises.
Ensures the exploit of certificate measures in giving with the Sidra policy.
Supports the Internet connectivity, services, and consanguine issues.
Carries out the obligatory power preparation for the Enounce, Collection, stiffened and wireless system structure.
Activity intimately with the system store cast leaders to continue out allotted tasks in an efficient kind.
Produces and maintains reasonable up-to-date package of the overall cloth and warrantee facilities.
Participates in the implementation of direction tools to intensify, lizard and perform required susceptibility mentation of the system store.
Performs separate correlative duties as necessary upon pass by the close programme.

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