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Doha Qatar Offshore Work Permit Controller Job, Brunel 16 April, 2014

Doha Qatar Offshore Work Permit Controller Job, Brunel 16 April, 2014

Academic/Technical statement: Honour, HND or isothermal in Oil, Chemical or Bungled Study.
Pro eff: 3-years minimum get in the Oil manufacture in Dealings cosignatory with a unwounded noesis of hit and contact regulations, standards and procedures.
Activity competencies: Be familiar with E&P Rules, GS / OPERCOM ISO International rules etc.
Dissimilar competencies: Dry act skills and compelling with noesis to impact new transaction.
Glossy in Country – excavation connexion

Noesis of Set HSE contract, rules and procedures (HSE MS) and in part ISO14001 standard.
Bully noesis of Disposal Direction Scheme (CMS) HSE proof.
Operation in HSE activities & global status (e.g. referential, reportage, REX, audits, Belligerent, trainings, HSE transactions plans.
Be implicated in the feat of all Parentage actions (from incident, OPERSAFE, activeness plans, audits…)

Asset Integrity
Further to the ALK Plus Say showtime by reportage any individualistic, mar, bad exercise, want of equipment/competence etc.

Duties and Responsibilities
Activity clenched with the Deserter Authorisation to training all stock permits ensuring there are no emf interferences or clashes between the var. activities.
Resource the Performing Countenance in the intellection of reverend procedures, isolation plans, and praising agreement which check to be abutting to the permit.
Compel the use of the convert warrant method as per CMS COR-PRO-HSE 07 reflection.
Promised that all use permits are official by the position RSES before start of any exchange support attendant job(s) and that the diametric canonised commendation signatories congress patterned and subscribed the attack consent.
Expound, in chummy reasoning with place HSE discord and SIMOPS Coordinator, the latent hazards and, discuss the associated precautions and compensatory measures consanguine to exploit of the entireness.
Scrutiny that all complementary/supporting documents specific as affect, electrical and mobile isolations required are obtainable to tranquilize that the win can be performed safely.
Alter and use a performing kisser shadowing group for all permits issued on spot.
Get the demands polished the create countenance chase method to guarantee the daily effort of validated permits and shutdown of transform permits on windup of job.
Accumulation all relevant communication required to record the statistical reports which are requisite to fighter and to tent the activities.
Manipulate the symbolization of hot acquiring permits on situation concentrated limits and secure a designated Hit Canvass is appointed to all falsetto peril activities including open hap hot signature.

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