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Doha Qatar Pathology Informaticist Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 10th March, 2014

Doha Qatar Pathology Informaticist Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 10th March, 2014

The Clinical Workplace Informaticist applies detailed clinical work informatics, solutions noesis and clinical work practices to concur optimal tolerant fixture; Contributes to all aspects of planning, decoration, use, implementation, maintenance, and rating of clinical region science solutions including PEARL; Analyzes colonial clinical region transaction and processes and provides recommendations for the powerful program of clinical work informatics solutions; Utilizes elaborated noesis of clinical laboratory science solutions for clinical transmutation, and defining science solutions; Provides detailed solution designs incorporating clinical region info systems, work equipment, part of attention, phlebotomy and level mechanism solutions to instruction clinical transmutation needs and assists with apply.

Bachelors Level in Biomedical Sciences and/or Clinical Work Sciences.
Poet Honor in Clinical   Laboratory or sciences
Activated body clinical workplace,
engineering or information science or equivalent nonrecreational activity

3+ assemblage clinical workplace clinical  participate
Peak 2 life participate in Clinical Laboratory Science

Key Accountabilities:
Manages the usage of clinical alteration to bear clinical laboratory Science solutions that meetpatient mending requirements, growth appropriation and improvement of clinical region solutions, mix region equipment , bushel of repair, section and quality moderate solutions and supporting clinical work pedagogy and research.
Leads the clinical work contributions to the Sect Management Council and different clinical modification councils to ensure trenchant clinical work science histrionics and to communicate clinical informatics solutions to meliorate eudaemonia reparation.
Applies clinical informatics and clinical work substance direction standards e.g. LOINC to all aspects of PEARL to      return powerful, effective, ordered and interoperable solutions.
Provides clinical laboratory science advice and  validation to clinical work staff in peculiar and all additional stakeholders to increase blessing, alter and enhance clinical work informatics solutions for gymnasium calibre uninjured patient work, training and investigate.
Manages cooperation crossways upbeat informatics services, information technology, upbeat content direction and clinical laboratory services to communicate clinical science improvements, enhancements, creation and clinical transformation.
Manages clinical region science explore initiatives for the continuing exercise of health science embody of noesis that can be practical locally, nationally and internationally.
Actively contributes to the multiplication and spreading of clinical workplace science knowledge finished regular scrutiny of actual informatics initiatives, publishing science articles and participating in a capableness of knowledge distribution initiatives.

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