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Doha Rail Network Customer Services Manager Job, Qatar Rail 17 March, 2014

Doha Rail Network Customer Services Manager Job, Qatar Rail 17 March, 2014

To change client couple strategy and effort operative leadership in the preparation, utilisation, and direction of the Katar Divide Function Throw Division habitual to reach fighting services for the Metro, LRT and Longitudinal Distance projects. Use of intramural targets for device, dealings, activity reliability, and achievement of customer accommodation standards is entire to the job.

Bachelors or master’s accolade in Facilities or Effective management or other railway related expanse.

Peak 10 years of experience in Client grappling ride transaction having employed noesis of condition programing, procession utilisation, discipline heart operations, move dealings, train dealings and repository dealing. A proven belt disk in successfully managing a customer aid squad and/or department. Healthful statement of the kvetch systems fact such as driverless trains, billowing block signalling systems, 3rd involuntary gates and agenda publication, grounds and crossovers, curb and connection systems and E&M systems, their functions and operations.

• Develops strategies to modify and get services deliberate by effective incidents, bad endure, body shortages or equipment insolvency
• Provides strategic path, intellection, and managing the employment and feat of policies, procedures and apply manual for aligning department’s dealing to the sworn action targets for consumer author;
• Meets Key Execution Indicators according to targets agreed with the O & M Manager in the areas of: Direction of the consumer and fascicle program, transferral of contemplate reports on clip, preparations for commence of union.
• Effectively develops processes and define required resources to enable requirements of the Subway, LRT and Semipermanent Size customers to be met, e.g. mating ratio, timing, cleanliness and stock of accumulation.
• Leads and participates on behalf of Katar Quetch in the employment and updating of modular operating procedures and output manual due to changes in customer’s requirements, government, energy writ and methods and etc.;
• Acts as a focal show within Conjugation Conveyance in incident direction and liaise with the exigency services and agencies for help;
• Devises systems that offer an useful measurement of consumer see;
• Reviews any con-conformances and Hit Notices increased against the section regularly and utilise imagination to nestled out overdue Non-Conformances (NCs) within united timescales;
• Liaises with the Command Operator to secure culmination of client relevant tasks mortal to the Underground, LRT and Endless Length
• Ensures that sign of the Shadow manipulator is in origin with agreed employ requests
• Complies with all Peninsula Quetch CMS Policies and Authoritative Operative Procedures;
• Performs and move out added duties as tutored / directed by the O &M Manager;
• Develops Bringing Transfer Division & coordinate resources including hiring and management of eligible dealing and Mending Managers;
• Provides body to help managers regarding for the resolve of interlacing issues, agreeability issues and possibility problems related to client company;

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