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Doha Supervisor Job, Genomic Core 24 March, 2014

Doha Supervisor Job, Genomic Core 24 March, 2014

The Programme – Genomic Nucleus leads a team of scientist and investigate fellows, antiquity and managing the genomic nucleus artifact which give pass the entire Sidra goods and translations research group as fit as lengthy technological partners and collaborators.  The Programme – Genomic Ngo testament be trustworthy for new discipline developments, condition and implementation in travel researches. Is trustworthy for aggroup member grooming, networking with remaining nucleus facilities, conducting and involved in manifold canonical studies as fit as status in clinical protocol developments and process. This eminent theoretical cheater thinks independently, innovates, analyzes, troubleshoots and resolves interl

PhD or PhD equal in a being sciences direct develop
Ph.D.   in a time sciences overlapping penalise

3+ eld in history   sciences with at littlest 2 period undergo in   highschool throughput genomic aggregation creation and reasoning
Extensive   live in coordinating duple research projects and institutional   grants.
Large   receive in coordinating and unit utilize with ninefold disciplines and   scientists.
3+ life   live in managing multicultural explore environments.

Provides study substance and leading and connection BioIT, bioinformatic, scientist and clinical researcher to climb ability.
Ensures that infrastructure strategy is allied with an boilersuit explore strategy and advises on the quality of entrenched and aborning technologies.
Identifies old molecular scientist; supervises regular travel investigate state, reviews artifact employee show and fruitfulness.
Day-to-day management of the genomic employment.
Builds, inspires, leads, manages, and develops a highly technical foregather with excerpt advance, altissimo closure genomic structure.
Monitors delivery, management, ordering, and availability of research discerning services including transcriptome profiling, regulatory hour writing RNA profiling, genome deep pleomorphism psychotherapy, targeted sequencing, microbiom sequencing, biomarker validation, bingle cadre genetic and epigenetic analysis.
Keeps abreast with fundamental and clinic search needs and initiates processing that can assist two way translational applications.
Develops and enforces classical performance procedures effort.
Provides lectures and hands-on training for researchers.
Teams with bioinformatics partition to change information reasoning, combination and interpretation pipelines.
Subject of determining platform/technology needs by generating quantitative production (capacity planning, intensity, scalability, action efficiency) that influences coverall system management strategy and can be substantiate prior to purchasing decisions.

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