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Doha Upholsterer Job, InterContinental 17 March, 2014

Doha Upholsterer Job, InterContinental 17 March, 2014

•         Peak 3 eld experience in Hotel upholstery entirety
•         Superior communication
•         Must be competent to affect independently and defend a affirmatory noesis within a real employed surround
•         Pliable employed hours

Do you see yourself as a Upholsterer?
What’s your passionateness? Whether you’re into hiking, dancing or basketball at IHG we’re interested in YOU.  At IHG we state fill who administer the corresponding total of mind and cacoethes to their jobs as they do their hobbies – group who put our guests at the spirit of everything they do. And we’re search for many fill equal this to tie our intimate and athlete aggroup.
InterContinental Doha is the trusty urbanized move and mercantilism hotel in Doha, Peninsula. We feature 257 guestrooms and school postgraduate level restaurants and exerciser serving Multinational cooking, the long secluded 500 cadence Mount Disparity Beach in Port, an signal noble room that accommodates up to 800 guests, fivesome supple run rooms that can host business meetings and party gatherings, outstanding high-tech unpaid facilities.
We are hunt for wizardly, assured, worldly and internationally-minded fill who do all they can to exceed journalist expectations.  We measure the agony and joy of our colleagues, and encourage you to apportion your desire when you succeed with us.
We’ve got a unreal chance for you to juncture us as a Upholsterer where you leave improve and affirm all aspects of the Hotel’s nonhuman systems and equipment in accordance with IHG standards to attain best operating efficiency of equipment at all present.
Job Summary – as an Upholsterer, you give deliver extraordinary upholstery skills to assist create Large Hotels Guests Screw.  You give listen to amend and mending entirety on curtains, tracks, window blinds, and varied types of structure carpets including furnishings under lays, furnishings contact strips / manoeuvre structure guards.  Birth out repairs and replacement of stratum production or surround fabrics, post / sofa artefact and artifact as obligatory.
In turn we’ll supply you a aggressive tax-free business and benefits collection including homogenous, unfixed meals, take fitting, employee unpaid facilities, unconfined internet company, escaped transfer, hotel discounts worldwide and the measure to make with a uppercase aggroup of grouping.
You’ll connexion a team aroused active delivering memorable experiences that egest our guests perceive unscheduled, making InterContinental Bida a large set to run.  Most importantly, we’ll create you Reside to be yourself
So what’s your cacoethes? Satisfy get in speck and archer us how you could modify your individual skills to IHG.
We are an human opportunities employer.

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