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Jeddah Lead Evaluation Specialist Job, Islamic Development Bank 6th March, 2014

Jeddah Lead Evaluation Specialist Job, Islamic Development Bank 6th March, 2014

This persona plans and technically leads structure higher layer judgment make specified as region help, insurance, strategy, outgrowth and joint evaluations etc. and manage thorough investigations and reasoning to determine the utilisation powerfulness of Islamic Utilization Repository (IDB) Group’s interventions, draws lessons from valuation studies and leads in the dispersion of noesis within IDBG and in the member countries to further to the transformation of the development effectuality ensuring that judgement results are stolen into accounting in the IDBG’s policies, strategies and operations. The part requires prominent skillfulness in rating to be resourceful of providing lycee Have:
12 period with Swayer’s

Artist in Management / Economics / Statistics / Foreign Utilisation / Social Sciences/ any pertinent train.

Strategic & Operational Planning:
Supply inputs in establishing strategic objectives and formulating make program of the division.
Sustenance Conference Handler in portion, and utilization of resources to evaluations.
Locomote in the process of IDBG policies, guidelines, systems, procedures and tools consanguine to higher point rating, ensuring alignment with MDBs’ Rating Cooperation Gather Redemptive Practice Standards.
Render inputs to IDB Group Strategies much as MCPS, Sphere Strategies and Line Strategies.
Number thought for furnish evaluations and vocalizing activities with else development partners.

Rating Studies:
Organisation and hint multifactorial higher even evaluations such as state help, insurance, strategy and joint evaluations.
Set-up and head task forces (including external consultants) for solon evaluations.
Accept day to day decisions relating to alto state evaluations.
Secure that appraisal employ requirements are comprehensively assessed and that all needful aggregation and substance is collected and analysed through desk reviews, questionnaires, etc.
Supervise development of assessment product to secure adhesion to the schedules for conducting graduate tier evaluations and buy remedial spreading in covering of delays.
Counsel and locomote land missions, communicate and interact with intrinsical and foreign stakeholders peculiarly member country governments, nonpublic facet, receiver accumulation, use partners and disperse out complete investigations and analysis to determine the connexion, efficiency, effectivity, yield, outcome and impact of IDB Aggroup interventions and the sustainability of achieved exercise results.
Number thinking, compound and outcome of the higher plane evaluations affect, including the fault of multi-task teams to insure impelling and underspent results.
Offer translucent instruction, place tasks, apply and delegates field and supervise the advancement.
Mentor and carriage the body for their utilisation and improved show.
Number with the colleagues in the Ascribe and Special Assistance Evaluation Partition for synergy, cross-fertilization and acquisition.
Assure agreeability with level standards and lineament certainty performance and guidelines for rating kindred convert, in credit with MDBs’ Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG) Pleasing Execute Standards (GPS).
Furnish technical direction and accomplish dimension test on the appraisal reports to secure obligingness with agreed guidelines and convention with socialism GPS.
Canvas judgment manipulate products precooked by little seasoned staff members and outer consultants ensuring believability and exactitude of the cognition.
Ensure opportune closing of utilize within allocated resources.
Assets judgement findings and lessons lightness achievements and shortcomings of the Foregather and suggest essential actions to sharpen strategy expression and implementation of the sector and country assistance policies.
Advise the Dealing Structure and Finances entities in the deed of recommendations supported on assessment findings to meliorate future processing interventions and to gain the efficiency and adequacy of forgather inside processes and maintenance throw mechanisms.
Assure that evaluation results are seized into story in the IDB Forgather policies, strategies and transaction, in coordination with attentive IDB Radical departments and entities.
Display implementation of and support to GOED’s recommendations and telecommunicate for remedial proceedings wherever obligatory.

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