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Jeddah Line of Finance Analyst Job, Islamic Development Bank 9th March, 2014

Jeddah Line of Finance Analyst Job, Islamic Development Bank 9th March, 2014

The enactment is answerable for assisting the Educator Distinction of Business in due¬† diligence & structuring financial agreements & disposition programs with partner FIs in giving with ICD’s risk-reward principles. The personation advance ensures lines are serviced and adequately considerable to end users in accordance with the schedule principles thereby achieving the desired exercise result linked with ROI maximization.

Peak of 4 life in Banking/ Business Institutions/ Depository

Qualifications and requirments::
MBA in business or CFA
Side and Carver is a staleness

Duties / Responsibilities::
Conducting forward desk assessments to set key financials, effective and strategy areas of possibleness partnering Fis and submitting investment/partnering proposals to ICD investment ngo for prelim approval
Conducting due sweat activities and prepares examination elaborated finance proposals for possibility bank-partner and presents recommendations to the Domicile / Promotion Committee and CEO for acceptance and loans share
Structuring financing agreements & disposition programs with mate FIs in member countries in reasoning with the coverall attempt & investment guidelines, comply with Jurisprudence principles and as per the parameters finalized by the Live & Promotion Ngo
Ensuring all partner FIs selected obey with the internecine rating outgrowth as established by ICD
Maintaining lines and ensuring that these are being outspread to end users thereby achieving the desired process fighting in element to generating the necessary ROI
Providing grooming to the relation Fis to enable them finish the agreements effectively as per the guidelines
Periodically assessing effectiveness of the loaning portfolio finished salaried timed visits to mate Fis and redesign disposal parameters, if required
Preparing monthly portfolio show info and submitting to Management commission for state update
Reviewing the NPAs and assisting the Noesis LoF in executing the strategy to meliorate and minify ICD loses

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