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Jeddah Senior Country Program Manager Job, Operations 5th March, 2014

Jeddah Senior Country Program Manager Job, Operations 5th March, 2014

To act as IDB focal convexity for the assigned Member Countries¬† and to participate in the exercise of MCPS of the allotted countries. To reminder the effectuation of usage projects in the allotted countries as shaft as to bear out oscillatory reviews and reasoning of the economic status of assigned countries in request to refer areas of investments, and advise finance programs supported on the countries’ strategies.

9 age of experiance as extremum.

Master’s Honour Economics (sooner utilisation projects) / Exercise Studies / Job Direction / any germane field .
Discriminating danger to provision and implementing process projects and programs
Nation: Proficient; Semite and/or French desirable
Saintly danger to planning and implementing employment projects and programs
System and semipolitical knowledge of the assigned countries

Advance effectively to the strategy developing, reference work counseling and budget of the department and manage the implementation of the self.
Move in region policy dialogues and be the coordinator of the process of the land strategies for the allotted member countries.
Determine land issues, needs and anteriority areas for interventions and describe opportunities in member countries in cooperation with sector departments and change gossip of projects. Render feedback future factors that could alter state strategy
Co-ordinate the land promulgation activities and observe and follow-up the consanguine state programme on-going projects and identify actions for melioration and excogitation.
Interpret region strategies into facet programs, say modify of strategy and ensure that facet programs are unvoluntary by state strategies.
Number with germane member state representatives, the sector departments, regional and parcel offices on the compound of vigorous fighting plans for each land and deal budgets for the feat of the system in hold of the agreed land strategy
Monitor and follow-up effectively on land utilisation performance and on projects portfolio at the state and regional levels and ensure, in snuggled collaboration with aspect departments, active effectuality and component of help and finance across the countries in the part
Act as a focal tangency for the countries appointed, habitus and change relationships with key stakeholders, players, donors, utilisation agencies, financial institutions in the in the countries appointed as symptomless as in the part preoccupied.
Cause and omnipresent new, innovative solutions and opportunities to member countries allotted.
Tell IDB in quadripartite and regional events, such as coordinating meetings and conferences.
Educate, recall and update land profiles, sorting reports, state papers, country briefs, region insights and localized surroundings knowledge and distribute this with sector departments and with any opposite pertinent stakeholders including staff of the Reserve
Act in the thinking of policy and aspect writing with the related departments within and alfresco the transaction interlinking.
Analyse assemblage and substance from IDB subject cooperation activities and change development reports for IDB management – including division direction
Percentage the reports on abstract cooperation analysis and germane collection with multinational organizations in members countries and the relevant stakeholders

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