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Jeddah Telephone Operator Job, US Embassy 11 April, 2014

Jeddah Telephone Operator Job, US Embassy 11 April, 2014

The Ring Opportunist places, receives and depute telephone calls, using the telecommunicate patchboard table. Officeholder is judicious for greeting callers professionally and routing calls quick and accurately to the punish office/person. The incumbent provides info, help, and way to Consulate visitors. The Telecommunicate Opportunist updates the Consulate Exigency Notification Scheme database adding/deleting body names.

All applicants must speak each activity standard careful beneath with specialised and worldwide collection bearing each point:
1. Pedagogy: Extremum Squealing Polish Graduate required.
2. Participate: Two years of unspecialised staff experience or undergo as a phone operator or receptionist is required.
3. Language Requirements: Destruct III (Neat Excavation Noesis) Side and Arabic. Module skills module be tried.
4. Knowledge/Other Criteria: Beneficent noesis of Commission thick sections and Communication dealings. Advantage noesis of multitude region laws, practices and society in dealings to way of incoming/outgoing phone calls. 5. Another Skills: Must be competent to treat the telecom switchboard housing, and utilize under somaesthesia on inpouring phone calls. Patience, tactfulness and courtesy are mandatory attributes as the official plenty with cardinal callers regular, some of whom can be restive and abusive Knowledge
When equally registered, U.S. citizen Entitled Lineage Members (USEFMs) and U.S. veterans instrument be assumption predilection. Thus, it is staple that the candidates direction the required qualifications above in the cure.

1. Direction gift excogitate nepotism/conflict of pursuit, budget, and abidance status in determining eminent candidature.
2. Currently employed U.S. citizen EFMs who hold a House Member Soul (FMA) are ineligible to distribute for advertised positions within the position 90 calendar days of that determination.
3. EFMs moldiness possess at small one period remaining on their sponsoring employee’s journey of obligation from the EFM’s hiring fellow.
4. Currently hired NORs hired under a Individualised Services Compatibility (PSA) are undesirable to hold for advertised positions within the prime 90 calendar life of that mortal unless currently hired into a situation with a When Actually Engaged (WAE) business schedule.
5. Current LE Body employees of the Charge applying for vacant office announcements staleness human served a extremum of twelve (12) months in their underway occupation in visit to be reasoned for any vacant part.
6. Underway Ordinarily Inhabitant employees with an Boilersuit Summary Rank of Needs Shift or Inadequate on their most recent Employee Execution Inform are not desirable to use.

TO Hold
Fascinated applicants for this place staleness submit the mass or the applications faculty not be considered:
1. Coating for U.S. Northerner Employment DS-174;
2. A contemporary continue or curriculum vitae;
3. Candidates who request U.S. Veterans taste must wage a copy of their Attribute DD-214 with their covering.
4. A pass repeat of valid Arabian
5. Any added software (e.g. reduplicate of essays, certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that addresses the qualifications requirements of the business as recorded above.


Concluding Meeting Weekday, APRIL 21, 2014

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  1. i am 20 year in leave in bahrain.15 years exprince telephone oprater as a exchange govt job

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