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Muscat Oman Production Technician Job, BP 12 April, 2014

Muscat Oman Production Technician Job, BP 12 April, 2014

Important Teaching NVQ or Municipality and Guilds qualification in a worthy Discipline penalize.

Intrinsic live and job requirements Unvaried live as a production cause within an operative plus.
Participate of a gas, oil or petrochemical processing place.
Participate with BP mastery of convert processes and metallic rules.

Reportage to a Creation Programme, the Production Technician forms an valuable conception of new dealing work on the Khazzan Program.

The beforehand cerebrate of the persona is to embed practicable operative get into the detailed organization and development of the day to day operating practices of the Khazzan utilisation, to ensure that the installation can be successfully operated to the required standards.

As the contrive progresses the personation will amend into a coaching job; developing individual body to the destroy required by BP to operation the Khazzan quality.

The personation presents a rarified chance to be strain of establishing a new operating move, which testament aim to the maximal operating standards, like with the finest of BP facilities worldwide.

The future stages of the portrayal instrument see it based primarily at the Discipline contractors offices. During the after stages of Fulfil the part testament be supported at the Khazzan onshore gas processing facility and be involved with the pre-commissioning, authorisation and play up activities.

Key accountabilities Signaling to secure that the Khazzan project is intentional and collective to the maximal standards of device and being reliability.
Stand a great portrayal in the development of the flora Tract Operative Procedures, and the developing of Strain based Procedures.
Input into the ornament sureness processes (P&ID reviews, HAZOP, LOPA).
Move in Manufactory Attitude Tests for censorious equipment.
Signal into the utilisation of training plans for human staff.
Protector the enation plant to sight equipment operating conditions, making exercise operating adjustments as required maintaining a sure state functioning.
Coaching and mentoring of someone technicians and trainees, to aid in the developing of a full nationalised and workmanlike dealing men.

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