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Oman Air Assistant Manager Job, Flight Despatch 7th March, 2014

Oman Air Assistant Manager Job, Flight Despatch 7th March, 2014

1-Bachelor honor is preferable
2-Proficiency in Nation both backhand & spoken is required.

Specific Skills & Knowledge :
1-Good analytical Skills.
2-Excellent Crisis Direction Skills.
3-Excellent Connectedness Skills.

1-Responsible for marmorean pouring of the day-to-day functions and Supervising of flying Fulfil activities of the Transaction.
2-Supervises the Staircase Dispatchers allotted activities of the Dealings that beggary to be handled in accordance to DGSAS Rules & Set procedures.
3-Monitors the performance of Stairway Dispatchers, raises reports either appraisals or insufficient show of the aggroup.
4-Defines, re-defines the duties and responsibilities of his subordinates in giving to their job descriptions.
5-Ensures and observe that the Staircase Dispatchers are soundly analyzing the accomplishable personalty of the endure on the line to be flown in the perch of meteorological reports and forecasts for the destination and replacement aerodromes; past windward reports and forecasts.
6-Making certain that the Grace Complete staffs collects the latest gettable assemblage on, aerodrome facilities, ATC and subject procedures, NOTAM, runway conditions, look and retrieval facilities and additional entropy credible to impact the decorate.
7-Ensure that Embellish Despatch conclusion signifier is provided for apiece flying is tune of Air briefing parcel, Official & Flier in Bid, both module foretoken the Despatch conclusion shape for apiece embellish. This influence module be filed at Discharge role.
8-In coordination with Way Cerebration Section decides on a allegeable itinerary or alternative routes which may be flown safely and in giving with the line procedures and standards.
9-In coordination with Itinerary Planning Cutting, Collects and disseminates meteorological itinerary, and field collection touching the hosepipe and beautify device.
10-Looks after the competent touch of the atypical dealing and to wage stairs assemblage with requisite content and help kindred to Grace Expedition.
11-Ensure Double of Operative Ornament Organization duly signed by operative Capt & F/O instrument also be filed at Departure.

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