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Qatar Biostatistician-Surgery Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 24 March, 2014

Qatar Biostatistician-Surgery Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 24 March, 2014

The Biostatistician initiates and collaborates in clinical and technological explore, advises and teaches biostatistical methods arrogate for the Section of Surgery of Sidra.  This includes the exercise, thought, and provision of guidance regarding the pat epistemology for clinical outcomes, epidemiology, involvement and model studies.  The Biostatistician supports the antithetic units within the section and the devoted researchers within each, providing management in the humility of grant and need proposals, types of statistical tests to be victimised, use of statistical software, assemblage acquisition platforms, and coordination of multi-center studies.  The Biostatistician also supports the compounding of search aggregation acquisition strategies into the Sidra EMR, and the ornamentation of data extraction from existing ample databases, much as the human Wellbeing Assemblage sepulcher.  The Biostatistician supports the Teaching
PhD in Biostatistics or equivalent

2 + life of pertinent change positive proper publications
Receive with the analysis of medical outcomes from a bulky demographic Database
Receive with Clinical  Disease Registries
Live in designing and executing potential clinical trials

Develops and implements search proposals correlate to the Section of Surgery and Sidra’s research strategy
Collaborates with clinical investigators in the evolution of search proposals
Reviews methodological aspects of investigate proposals, provides advice as to due statistical methods.
Utilizes  older in the activity of investigating methods, and informality with stereotyped denary statistical methodology, such as T-tests, ANOVA, repeated measures investigating, logistical retrogression, use of factoral psychotherapy, inheritance testing.
Utilizes informality with trial pattern methods, organization and keep assignation strategies and  qualitative statistical methodology
Uses  giant databanks for capturing outcomes from demographic, and subsidiary coding information
Utilizes aggregation databases which survive in the Disconnection realm and specially Katar.
Develops the susceptibleness for Sidra to delimit the epidemiology of pediatric surgically correlative diseases  in Peninsula
Works with the ngo Sidra Dept of Search, to compound the research strategies and methods of the Dept with the overarching goals of the infirmary.
Teaches statistical methodology (when required)
Publishes regularly in anesthetic and foreign peer-reviewed journals
Presents regularly at anesthetic and foreign technological conferences
Identifies and resolves problems consanguine to forbearing data
Provides unmitigated and opportune answers to function questions from investigators
Manipulates and processes collection using statistical and mathematical software

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