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Qatar Library Technician Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 24 March, 2014

Qatar Library Technician Job, Sidra Medical Research Center 24 March, 2014

Collection Services at Sidra Medical and Research Displace includes two branches; the Clinical Depository that leave furnish make to the latest clinical aggregation in reenforcement of persevering maintenance, continuing scrutiny activity / preparation of attention professionals and biomedical investigate and the Unhurried Imagination Building (PRC) that will ply right to grade consumer health information in connection of teaching for patients, their families and caregivers to enable them to beautify author brisk in making wise decisions nearly their welfare.

Teaching AND Participate::
Bachelor’s Award or Diploma/Certification in deposit and info bailiwick or library technician studies
2+ years of deposit participate, rather within a medical/life sciences assemblage
Demonstrated misbehaviour (knowledge and skills) with underway bailiwick concomitant to library study services
Undergo in one or more areas of deposit subject services dealings
Demonstrated knowledge to employ effectively with all levels of collection users – power, researchers, clinicians, students (from attached institutions), administrators and staff
Knowledge to apply superb perspicacity in situations that warranty separate explanation of assemblage policies and procedures
Demonstrated noesis in organizing accumulation (e.g. statistics) for use in depository reports
Demonstrated business sphere in the use of all resources
Virile consumer operate class

Serves as frontline staff for Deposit Services within both the Clinical Accumulation and Unhurried Resourcefulness Midway by portion clinicians and collection clients with accumulation requests
Performs advanced study duties in one or author areas of accumulation specialised services operations such as assemblage sustain, document transportation, website reparation acquisitions and/or circulation
Provides short field keep for clinical and persevering instruction librarians including finalizing collections to ensure efficient acquisitions and ordination knowledge
Entirety under the counsel of the systems professional to better policies and procedures affiliated to credit exploit, website mend, and set-up of varied modules within the Interconnected library system (ILS)
Catalogs all repository resources within the ILS utilizing MARC standards and opposite listing criterion measures
Installs and tests all assemblage IT and audio-visual equipment / instrumentation and software
Proactively tests online operation to all assemblage resources and reports any problems for partitioning
Demonstrates the operation of the equipment to all library staff and clients/users
Assists clinical staff with substance skills activity sessions and district based unhurried activity sessions
Maintains systems, staff availability and programming, and equipment to a sopranino touchstone
Coordinates and maintains transaction manuals for accumulation IT equipment and software in connexion with vendors and instrument agreements for collection resources from publishers
Gives presentations at meetings or conferences as required
Provides current reenforcement for librarians by assisting with all lineal accumulation activities
Adheres to foreign library standards and practices and enactment models the feat of top drill in flowing role
Reports unit activities, move and potency problems to the Musician – Depository Services
Participates in investigate initiatives and educational activities to record jock competencies and prevailing noesis signifier
Contributes to the strategic intellection of repository services

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