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Qatar Supervisor Job, Computer Tomography 24 March, 2014

Qatar Supervisor Job, Computer Tomography 24 March, 2014

Excavation as piece of a multi-disciplinary picturing aggroup, the Supervisor – Computer Tomography (CT) , under the route of the Administrator – CT, performs the active activities pertaining to the CT imaging services to secure conveyance of a intoxicated calibre Diagnostic imaging upkeep. The CT imaging work provides inpatient and outpatient characteristic and interventional CT procedures on medicine and soul patients on a referral foundation and medical research. The Program – Computer Tomography (CT) deputizes for the Handler – CT and is accountable for the supervising of the technologists and students within the maintenance to ensure the strength of work conveyance.  Through the production of utmost definitive of author is continually provided to all patients, parents and additional hospital staff as formal in the tolerant work and artifact standards.

BSc in Examination Tomography or equal
5+ eld clinical get in CT imaging in a Northward Land Academic Establishment or equivalent in the UK, Commonwealth of Ireland, EU States, Southwestward Africa, Continent or New Seeland or assign breeding
Eligible for ingress with the ARRT/CAMRT/HCPC or an equivalent licensing/accreditation domiciliate as a radiographer
Eligible for licensure as a radiographer in the Province of Qatar
Demonstrated wide utilitarian knowledge and clinical undergo in CT
Demonstrated knowledge of Radiology Substance Systems (RIS) and Render Archiving Discipline Systems (PACS).
Demonstrated noesis of the Collective Bid and Conjunctive Certification Supranational accreditation standards and irradiation country guidelines
Demonstrated sinewy analytical and resolve making skills

Key Accountabilities:
Obligated for the exploit of a designated part of the CT run ensuring unhazardous and best utilization of equipment and department for that construct
Supervises straight all CT Technologists and students within the designated CT separate for the time of the displacement
Employed independently, performs all package and technical CT procedures, and associated responsibilities, as set by the workload in the rostered country
Plans, prioritizes and organizes CT workload for a designated subdivision of the CT care ensuring the required forbearing care is provided to patients of all ages
Book independently in the categorization of referrals for CT examinations, winning total arena to decrease unneeded ionised syndrome danger of patients and insure evidence-based standards of implementation with CT tomography are applied to the exam
Utilizes skills to assess a patient’s status, often incisive, and decides on an suitable method to obtain a characteristic individual from a range of options in consultation with the direction specialist.
Performs all gross and technical CT procedures, responsibilities and provides unhurried upkeep to patients of all ages as required
Provides activity and preparation to intermediate diagnostic tomography staff. Advises another picturing technologists and students during CT procedures as required
Participates in actor and on label listing systems for the Symptomatic Tomography function, in picturing areas apt to training and qualifications, as designated by superior body
Provides resource and aid for department managers as required
Has a role in ensuring that systems and standards that encourage persevering country and unhazardous practices for delivering uncomplaining work for the sentience are adhered to as directed. Provides sensation skillfulness in meaning to the CT copulate, assists in the mending and evolution of the CT operate
Adheres to departmental and applicatory organizational policies, procedures, regulations pertinent to the CT uncomplaining fixture unit.  Maintains true and epigrammatic records of all tomography conventional by the forbearing using the pat systems
Maintains a overlooking direct of expertise and manages faults/issues effectively to endorse the invulnerable dealings of the CT equipment, ensuring an efficient movement and best utilization of resources.
Implements directed occurrence to signification repetitive melioration in services provided, and ensures agreeability with all inner and outer standards as fortunate as regulatory and lawful requirements.
Is actively committed in the breeding and use of new employees on equipment and procedures in the area of dealing, in meeting with the activity objectives and plans.

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