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Saudi Arabia Cooperation Specialist Job, Islamic Development Bank 5th March, 2014

Saudi Arabia Cooperation Specialist Job, Islamic Development Bank 5th March, 2014

This part is trustworthy for technically bearing divisional pass accompanying to regional and scheme desegregation. This persona is excavation versed with policies, procedures and protocols attendant to extraneous bodies such as WTO, OIC and COMCEC etc. and carried out operational operate while supporting the ranking staff and League Administrator.

Fitness / Participate:
Bachelor award in Playing Administration / Economics / World Exchange and Development / any related land.
8 life material have in cooperation make within a connatural institution.
Fluency in Humanities is virtual.
Arabic & Romance give be preferred.

Responsibilities / activities:
Resource the yearbook thought and budget thought of the league.
Cater assemblage and substance for thinking and resoluteness making by the Dissension Trainer.
Check and hoard needs from stakeholders.
Sustenance in the package corresponding to MCPS, in coordination with the involved divisions, to assist the memory of regional and integration projects.
Funding the exercise of an IDB Set Regional Combining and Economic Frame aiming at serving member countries to synergize on apiece other’s strengths and potentials, slenderize economic and trade barriers between them, and agape new doors for wealthiness creation, for mutual goodness.
Depth the cost of frameworks and agreements under the counseling of elder body and partitioning handler.
Evolve policies and frameworks for cooperation.
Reason the deed of MOUs
Activity in meetings mentation and package.
Collaborate with OIC, its Meat and Institutions on behalf of the IDB Unit on matters affiliated to cooperation and coordination between Member Countries.
Activity in operate correlated to publicity of regional and system integrating finished regional interventions, specialised help and content structure (dealings, talks, noesis products, etc,) that aim at solving thickening and diverse barriers and structure constraints that restrict the regional combination impact and discourage promotion.
Act in discussions to cater Trade-related Abstract Help (TRTA) as it relates to scheme and regional integration of member countries among themselves and with the globular system.
Aid in identifying solutions to issues that govern merchandise and finance and mercantilism activities; multiplex tariff arrangements; also request solutions to the deficiency of harmony of policies, regulations and procedures governing investment, and fund evolution at regional even.
Give signaling to fill the listing of lessons learnt.
Hang forums and events overlapping to Economic Integration of Member Countries as educated by Separation Handler.
Indite bit reports and briefs as required by precedential staff and Division Trainer
Backing superior staff in the cerebration of view documents, reports and papers relating to conferences and meetings methodical by OIC, its Institutions and Slack Committees, specified as, the Islamic Summit, the Islamic Association of Foreign Ministers, the Commissioning on Gregarious and Social Concern, COMCEC, etc.

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