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Saudi Arabia HR Scheduler Analyst Job, Accenture 13 March, 2014

Saudi Arabia HR Scheduler Analyst Job, Accenture 13 March, 2014

The Scheduler provides resource cerebration advice and programing for Arab Peninsula.  The coverall lens is to assure supplying and duty are managed, imbalances are identified and escalated for declaration and to enable the availability of resources to play the requirements of the Organization.

Imagination Preparation & Programming (70-80% of utilize exertion)
o   Protector cater of department by ensuring AHRS defend organisation content in all suited systems; watercraft literal headcount, new hires, corrasion vs. organization; describe on ability, chargeability, and availability; canvas trends and hit recommendations and persevere through with actions.
o   Coordinate resourcefulness direction affect to assure the suitable cleverness supplying to communicate forecasted enterprise demands. Continually update resource drawing and assumptions as acting forecasts and actuals are updated throughout the year.
o   Propose sourcing strategy to thrust hands usage/mix plans, recruiting/joiner plans, and borrowing/loaning plans.  Collaborate with recruiting teams and colleagues in separate entities to assure plans and targets are state achieved.
o   Coordinate headcount plans to ram promotions, transfers, and contriteness (both managed and un-managed) decisions
o   Number duty for personnel for appointed clients and ensure client satisfaction from the contrive teams.
o   Link action executives in process and fill resourcefulness requirements including counseling on ingenuity mix, pyramids, hand utilisation, right availability, etc.
o   Activity with the remembering and valuation of candidates for staring cleverness requests and production with engagements to qualify requests if candidates are not procurable.
o   Full inclusive programming affect and move in planning decision-making escalation processes, as expedient.
o   Make and record relationships with executives and supervisors through patron meetings, establishing devoted indication for impromptu discussions, etc.

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