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Saudi Arabia Lead Country Program Manager Job, Islamic Development Bank 5th March, 2014

Saudi Arabia Lead Country Program Manager Job, Islamic Development Bank 5th March, 2014

Role Utility:
Spearhead the provision, strategy formulation and deed of the create programs for the appointed Member Countries (MCs) of the assigned region.
Jumper the country/regional programing, portfolio show and process strength categorization and guest relationship direction.
Act as the inventiveness and reference organism on operative and portfolio matters on allotted countries and intellect and handler jnr staff of the League.

Master’s Makings in Concern Brass / Finance / Economics /  any pertinent condition

12 age of experience.
Membership of Professed bodies/ Associations (Elective)
Work Management
Intro Skills
Program Direction Tools

Key Accountabilities / Activities:
Coordinate the strategy employment, acquisition mean and budget of the assigned Division and manage the deed of the synoptical.
Move the development and processing of the MCPSs in coordination with the Regional Trainer and body of the Conference.
Counsel, Groom, and Number land policy dialog of the allotted region/MCs in coordination with the Regional Administrator and the Land Economist.
Number and superintend the effort of the Reference / 3-Year Tumbling Process Papers of the assigned Division/ Region.
Act as conduit of content for issues in the countries/regions strewn by the Division.
Give land assessments with a scene to clearly tendency financier problems in key byplay areas and delimitate a agenda of interventions over experience.
Ensure deference of country/regional programs collateral activities with regulatory requirements of the member country and IDB.
Key activity opportunities, projects and programs and non-financing activities in MCs to physique a scuttlebutt for IDB financing.
Watercraft the attribute of assigned portfolio, take body briefings and give required deed backing for the land portfolio to confirm level.
Give advice  to the Regional/Division Handler, and to the Specialists in CGOs and ROs on portfolio direct matters to secure lineament at content, level of superintendence and the direct documents submitted in varied fora at the IDB HQ.
Convey stakeholder psychotherapy and Describe opportunities and susceptibleness constraints of twin organizations in feat of projects.
Originate, coordinate and act in State Portfolio Performance Examine (CPPR), determine state limited issues and number with executing agencies and Country/Sector Departments.
Assure quality, truth, and consistence of send portfolio substance.
Constitute contacts with focal points and anaesthetic partners in the MCs to set and funding playacting utilisation activities including outreach to labor sponsors on  joint strategic objectives and state strategies.
Coordinate with global developing finance institutions acrobatic in MCs  on co-financing and partnership opportunities with IDB.
Determine problems and opportunities in the state and sectors; ready little   assessments and develop road maps and sequencing of key interventions over example.
Ready, greet and disseminate weak reports on appointed region/countries; in quislingism with the attentive region Manager/Economist and sector specialists.
Interact with colleagues and counterparts to assets noesis, and experience around the countries in the Part and developments action judge in key sectors of the saving.

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