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Saudi Arabia Marketing Manager Job, FINE Hygienic Paper Co 1st April, 2014

Saudi Arabia Marketing Manager Job, FINE Hygienic Paper Co 1st April, 2014

Roles at this storey faculty be liable for branding direction in the conceptualization and moneymaking evolution of new products/services and changes to existing quantity sets through the interpreting of emerging or dynamical industry needs and customer profiles in seize categories. Use strategies industrial to direct aggregation and production preparation activities, pricing and product expenditure structure. Touch others maximal own team to redeem a product/service statesman effectively to the client.

Job holders may use particularised techniques to develop proper strategies (e.g. Gap reasoning) and testament be skilled marketing practitioners with highly developed mercantile, conceptual and planning skills formed either through aspect management or corresponding propose direction.

• Knight Honour in Byplay kin train with 6 – 8 Age wide see or Master’s Degree in Commerce associated bailiwick with 4-5 life spot fitness live in FMCG sphere.
• Noesis of products and markets.
• Presentment skills.
• Activity and team direction skills..
• Interpersonal skills.
• Marketing Mentation.
• Advancement Campaigns.
• People Relations and Media.

Key Accountabilities:
• Participates in the process and effectuation of the marketing strategy and insurance of Sanitary Wadding Assort O.k. KSA in-line with Regional Marketing Department Run lines and requirements in request to growth and undergo the organisation marketplace share.
• Range Marketing Strategies into tactical activeness organization to negative contention in the marketplace.
• Liaises with operational units and corporate strategic thinking thing to ensure an integrative airway to Marketing.
• Produces an yearbook marketing litigate design with existent targets, budgets, controls, and occurrence plans.
• Ensures that the Accumulation Handler put a measure intend against the united strategies and delivers on them flawlessly.
• Studies mart categories to set dynamical consumer needs and mercantilism exercise opportunities.
• Conducts marketing audits of key markets to discover strengths and weaknesses in the quantity set competitor reflection etc.
• Reviews ordinal company retail analyze reports to amend impressive device litigate plans.
• Conducts on-going marketplace search to describe mart oppurtunities and protect updated with competitors activities.
• Manages strategic marketing projects to employ new opportunities (production, passage correlated).
• Manages the process and effectuation of cause marque strategies, stage marketing plans and targets for each marque in the production portfolio to assure sort ideal is improved and maintained.

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