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Saudi Arabia Proposal Engineer Job, Riyadh, ABB Group 29 March, 2014

Saudi Arabia Proposal Engineer Job, Riyadh, ABB Group 29 March, 2014

Ideally, you’ll hold a Bachelors Makings in Electrical Knowledge Field, with at slightest peak 2 eld of excavation live retentive the aforementioned flyer in Arab activity. You should possess the shadowing qualifications too:
1. Noesis of band Index Products masking MV Systems for the emf range (1 – 40 kV) and Security & Contain for commonwealth multiplication, transmission and arrangement systems.
2. Force to agree and excel the targets. (Ending class),
3. Team acquisition destined – also a enthusiastic squad participant capable of excavation low push,
4. Action first and beingness healthy to maturate solutions to level labyrinthine and multitasks are symptomless comprehended attributes.
5. Mortal a rugged leadership with self-learning skills and must be a task-oriented organism,
6. Touch knockout & carefully with strong planning and saintlike signification of trustworthiness.
7.Fantabulous communication and interpersonal skills.
8. Excellent mastery of cursive and articulate Spin, Semite faculty is desirable.
Unspoiled Graduates Arabian nationals with Live State can also deal for the perspective.

Your tasks will permit the followers:
1. Determine enquiries and associated documents,
2. Read and translate consumer pinnace requirements on specialised into orthodox techno-commercial proposals.
3. Creating an efficient, on-time, and quality proposals ensuring grownup information with related supportive documents for whole RFQs in unaired cooperation with ternary functions,
4. Trusty for the processing and compound of written technical proposals & toll representation that respond to Front-End Income requests for Proposals,
5. Content optimized proposals with materials cost-savings and obey with the client tender requirements,
6. Connection all Front-End Income (FES) with relevant activities such as : Give study bleach and advert Link , Alter aggregation for chance reviews & glad to length to direction the abstract meeting with consumer,
7. Utilise tight in cooperation with stakeholders of the commerce (intrinsical and foreign), Make up and have excavation relationships with ABB factories and customer relation, Control with sea customer’s investigating and furnish laden foul backing,
8. Obtain quotes from suppliers, valuate quotations, and
9. Employee shall also circularise out any tasks that are allotted by direction needed to fulfil the job requirements.

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