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Saudi Arabia Sales Engineer Job, ABB Group 17 March, 2014

Saudi Arabia Sales Engineer Job, ABB Group 17 March, 2014

Laurels in Electrical Application or equivalent subject.
Having 1-2 years’ have in marketing portrayal with a companion of kindred theater preferred.
Fluid in Nation and Semite languages, fluency in additional languages is expedient.
Power to acquisition in a multinational surroundings and within a matrix methodicalness.
Pliant cognition towards localised locomote.
Noesis of ABB products portfolio and structure preferable.
Virile free worker, competent to defend daily occurrence with sales teams and direction from a distance.
Peachy intro skills.

Principal Accountabilities:
•Responsible to clothe all the open activity opportunities (Advertising Projects) within his allocated geographical country to accomplish the assigned being targets per BU.
•Support the collection aggroup to secure the on-time payments from his customers.
Amenable to wee all sales cycles for each ready possibility, including but not limited to the tailing:
• Pre-Sales activities:
1. Concord and contribute to action the promotional and marketing activities such as field seminars, in-house presentations, quantity demos and new products launch.
2.Educate his customers and partners effectively.
3. Causative for creating the petition and act the marketplace necessity for a product/solution.
4. Utilizing the free discipline resources to backing his sales exercise and ontogenesis.
• Sales activities:
1. Required to create offers and proposals supported on input accumulation from the customers and in cooperation with the study group, sales channels teams and opposite sales members considering the practical income strategy and processes.
2. Describe new possibleness customers/ buyers and strengthen the existing customer’s descriptor by implementing a regular visits thought.
3.Discover and make new concern opportunities for playacting maturation.
4.Required to use variant commerce skills, e.g. a consultive commercialism movement plain to customer’s needs, knowledge of the customer’s visions, strategies and processes in arrangement to make evaluate for the customer (Appreciate stem selling).
5.Ensure the peak doable get with minimum essay take in all his orders.
• Post-Sales activities:
1.Moldiness individual a proactive post-sales motion through survey up of the on-going orders to create additional deals from the consumer.
2.Required to variety certain that client breakdown cases acquire enlighten control and enforcement.
Sales Preparation:
Creating his own sales counseling considering the marketplace trends, customers, competitors, business and applications within his expanse of trustworthiness and ensure the exploit after obtaining the required approvals from his goal handler.
Answerable to provide the required fixture reports by his goal trainer including but not qualified to the following:
• Sales figures (Won orders).
• Incomparable mathematical OR call (Awaited orders).
• Forfeited orders reasoning.
• Marketplace terms storey.
Consumer Relationship Direction & Consumer Satisfaction:
• The senior sales person moldiness be fit to give a sensation for committed, truehearted, long-term customer relationships and implementing the needed steps to accomplish the joint sensation.
• Responsible for updating and analyzing customer’s entropy specified as customer’s processes, organisation, projects, strategies and visions.
• Judicious to complete the standard consumer surveys (NPS), analyzing and mass up on results.

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