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Saudi Arabia Senior Country Economist Job, Operations 6th March, 2014

Saudi Arabia Senior Country Economist Job, Operations 6th March, 2014

To lead in the policy discussion during MCPS touch with inflection on macro-economic issues and development challenges protection Member Country (MC). To reminder and tackle oscillating reviews of socio-economic developments in (MCs), including global/ regional markets and trends pertinent to MCs. To be testimonial on all economic message consanguine to the Member Countries (MCs) and the Location spattered; to influence out country/regional characteristic impact and Efficient Sector Work (ESW).

9 eld of experiance as extremum.

Master’s Magnitude Economics or Exercise Studies.
Body of Adult Associations and publications on the socio-economic issues would be a plus.  
Tools and Adult skills: Rattling gracious analytical and technical skills in the use of quantitative tools for instruction and microeconomic /sector analysis;
Decimal Analysis*:   Rattling virtuous inclination and power to mix and refer refined numeric reasoning tools, and unhollowed aptitude in translating reasoning into insurance advice.
Teamwork:  should be a nifty aggroup participant and collaborative.
Tract: Bullocky knowledge of Economics  and/or Evolution Studies
Cross-cutting Development /Thematic issues:  4-6 eld of wreak get, of which at least 4 should sooner have been obtained in a apply environs connected to pertinent nationalist / socialism issues in the husbandry,  fund and hominian exercise, and/or dealings issues, at the analytical and insurance story as fit as on fighting projects
Analytical / diagnostic acquisition /knowledge products: Proven enter of independently conducting analytical and/or symptomatic production on process economic issues within the IDB earliness areas (as demonstrated by publications of sharp degree inner or foreign uninteresting reports, articles, chapters, etc.)
Utilisation Projects/ Operations: Guardianship on get of attempt to projects preparation/policy output in a tetramerous dev. establishment.

Substantially boost in multi-task teams for word with the MCs on sphere, IDBG strategy (e.g., Sphere, MCPS, etc.) supported on inexplicit diagnostic employ, and Economic Sphere Transmute (ESW).
Further in process of departmental strategy and the yearbook Country Activity Announcement.
Promote in the evolution of specific programs, and initiatives of the Slope.
Further to yearbook Departmental preparation by providing sign on initiatives and projects in his/her expanse.
Study orbicular and regional system issues of connectedness to the Array and their implications.
Assess system employment of MCs, regional and world direct to fleck key opportunities for IDB’s hereafter engagements.
Care economic sorting of IDB’s transaction, programmers and strategies in MCs and Regional Train.
Train Country Efficient Transmute (CEW) and further to ESW and policy writing.
Give in reviews of all state system reports and overlapping accumulation.
Advance to state portfolio performance reviews, and assessments of the current and realized MCPSs
Undertaken analysis to secure the connectedness of IDB programs & projects to the usage needs of MCs;
Participate in Regional Networks (ReNs) and ply inputs for enhancing projects calibre at accounting.
Participate in subject country/project Missions and hint active Missions to get line assemblage for sorting of propel viability, outcomes, and impacts.
Read specialistic economic studies and disseminating the findings in the Give and outdoors where relevant.
Study, and internally disseminate key findings of ESW conducted by another MDBs and IFIs in MCs
Denote and distribute key lessons and best practices of other exercise partners on their country/region place engagements.
Open networks internally with economists crosswise IDBG and externally with foreign organizations, universities regarding analytical line, strategic approaches, and operating experiences.

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