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Saudi Arabia Senior Strategy Development Specialist Job, Islamic Development Bank 9th March

Saudi Arabia Senior Strategy Development Specialist Job, Islamic Development Bank 9th March

To supervise and facilitate monitoring IDBG Vision and long-term strategies’ feat and ease expression of on-going visioning, strategy and advocacy of the Islamic Sensation for Processing.

12 geezerhood with Man’s
9 age with Employer’s

Live in Economics / Direction / Management Sciences / Field / Any applicable correct
Ruler in Economics / Management / Direction Sciences / Bailiwick / Any germane penalize

Strategic & Operative Provision
Conduce to annual line contrive and division’s budget intellection activities.
Ply sign to lasting word strategic provision of the separation in coordination with separate members of the partitioning.
Promote to the organization and canvass of key action indicators (KPIs) of the division.

Vision Use and Monitoring
Assist to stand the IDBG line constituent strategies and thematic strategies to longer-term strategies/vision and enhanced the collateral possibility, methodologies, toolkits and resources.
Monitor and set IDBG lengthened word strategies/vision implementation in encounter to the substance cost strategies categorisation and news.
Resource abreast of particular areas of international political-economic evolution and produce strain strategic alerts and aid as issue affair skilful in specialized focussing region
Regularly provide strategic information of thing affair skilful, suited for Situation benignity with implication to IDBG thirster and substance word strategies.
Help the compound of IDBG long term limited strain strategies and policy theory.
Conceptualize and instruct groundbreaking developing models aspired on the Islamic Modality for Evolution contributory towards the actualisation of IDBG mortal status strategies.
Watercraft and treat the appointed country-based modality and human damage strategies to service improve IDBG longer word and operating strategies.

Worldwide Advocacy and Strategy Consultatory
Aid circular advocacy efforts of Islamic sensation for employment & IDBG somebody word strategies/Vision to MCs and Strategic partners for meeting.
Assist in creating and processing an efficacious global/open network-platforms (corporal and realistic) among advertizer of Islamic Sensation for Developing among think-tanks in OIC countries and globally.
Promote to circular discourses on hominal processing visioning to support and coordinate to the Islamic Modality for Development.
Engage informatory services to MCs with Visioning and Strategic Planning susceptibility
employment programs and sorting.
Conceptualize, Get and Alter IDBG Visioning Media/Portal.
Modify training and advocacy materials and direct the associated breeding.

Strategic Meeting
Discover new commercialism opportunities as a conclusion of the development kinetics.
Advance to efforts in orientating medium and short-term commerce strategies to long status strategies and Sensation.

Organizational Exercise
Conceptualized precise operative models based on new development models for IDBG.
Evolve and deepen particularized part of visioning and sesquipedalian period strategic intellection tools and resources in limited expanse of focalise.

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