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UAE Accountant Project Accounting Job, Siemens 1st April, 2014

UAE Accountant Project Accounting Job, Siemens 1st April, 2014

What do I demand to train for this job?
Degree in Accounting / Economics
Peak 3 age get in Register, Economics, local Collection & IFRS.
Worldwide participate and cooperation in global teams.

What are my responsibilities?
Filing of all statement transactions for the Siemens propel PE in the local Engineer electronic business system, checking of quality and completeness of the certification, verification of the validation for the business and assure that all financial transactions are in compliance with Siemens procedures and policy.
Intellection of Financial Statements according to localized Collection and/or IFRS.
Play up of missing or half substantiation with the Plan Coordinators. Plausibility study of the conventional accumulation. Local archiving of all documents.
Utilization of the collection move and term lines unitedly with Tax, Obligingness and direct Coordinators
Argue of the projects for all anesthetic juristic requirements
Livelihood of bridge psychotherapy for job and tax direction
Handling of tax turn together with related departments
Handling of all tax audits low operational direction of Organized Finance Tax.
Preparation and assemblage of documents for tax analyze purposes and present tax examination.
Touching of all necessary tax declarations depending on requirements of anesthetic law,  including coordination and controlling of payments and defrayment insure.
Responsible for maintaining all documents and certificates. Checking of tax assessments. Portion of guilty taxes or tax related expenditures to the several units and / or CF T, whatsoever applies
Activity of the audits performed by intimate examine organizations, outer analyse companies, under the utilitarian guidance of the various departments
Follow up with HR and the tax advisor the monthly salary tax figuring and provision the period salary tax certificates of Engineer Externalize Expatriates; controlling that all the salary data should be consanguineous to Engineer projects exclusive, coordination of Siemens expatriates salary tax mercantilism, select up the salary tax equalisation of the old year’s according to HR, and entry of an reference salary tax defrayal impression.

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